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UltraLight Max Domes

Once a rooflight needs to be bigger than 2400mm, then trying to successfully thermoform polycarbonate rooflights, whether they need to be domes or pyramids, is actually a bit of a technical nightmare… and one that is simply destined to end in abysmal failure.


Fortunately however, for designs and projects which call for greater areas of natural light to be introduced (and this can include some very large areas indeed) we have the ideal solution... UltraLight.


UltraLight is a hugely adaptable glazing system comprising of a range of

state of the art, precision manufactured, thermally broken, structural aluminium

glazing bars and a wide selection of high quality, U.V. protected polycarbonate

sheets, which can then be installed either sloped or curved.


From these key components we design, supply and usually install an

impressive and very comprehensive range of sensibly priced, custom built,

weathertight domes, pyramids, cones, ridgelights, lantern lights,

monopitched rooflights, as well as barrel vaults (low rise and

semi circular), glazed walls and sometimes when required, totally original,

one off designs.


In fact, generally speaking we like to work on the basis of ‘if you can draw it…

we can provide it'... or at least come up with a really good alternative!


The glazing bars usually, though not always, come finished in your choice of

polyester powder coating (all finished to the highest British and European

standards) from a vast spectrum of B.S. standard RAL colours and should you

really prefer that your glazing bars were able to tone harmoniously with your finished roof… but still also beautifully blend in with your chosen interior decor well then please, just remember to tell us… and we will be happy to do the rest!

UltraLight Max Polycarbonate Triangular Rooflight

Today, the UltraLight range actually comprises of two, similar but completely different glazing bar systems. When we started Mercuri,

we could only design a rooflight using the original UltraLight glazing bar, which in today’s guise complete with its recent technical upgrades,

copes superbly with the vast majority of the widely differing and often very challenging (but always important) technical, practical and

aesthetic issues that many, if not all of, our clients have.


Whether installed as vented or unvented, curved or straight, onto a flat roof or running along a pitched roof, UltraLight is particularly well

suited to being designed as a continuous rooflight... because with UltraLight there is virtually no limit to the length it can be successfully installed.

But its versatility doesn't just end there!


These are just a few examples of how specifiers have successfully used UltraLight to solve their very different daylight issues:

And now, specifically developed for when we are faced with even greater or more complex roof glazing challenges, stunningly enhancing and extending our large area glazing capabilities, we also have UltraLight Max... a thoroughly tried and trusted glazing system that is actually capable of

spanning up to a hugely impressive SIXTEEN METRES

without the need of any additional support



By installing an UltraLight Max

Polycarbonate Dome we firmly believe that:


 • A Totally Clear Floor Space

 • Noticably Enhanced, 'Free' Light Levels

 • Impressive Build Cost Savings


could all be easily achievable... making it the ideal solution for

your next leisure or retail scheme.

Unlike some glazing systems, the realistically priced UltraLight Max

range is also extremely adaptable which means that it is not just

suited to mega constructions like multi-million pound sports stadiums...

it is also our increasingly preferred solution for clients who are

working on projects of a somewhat smaller scale, but who nevertheless would like to include a stunning glazed

dome, perhaps as a ‘daylight feature’

for a home, hotel, bistro, possibly

an office or even a place of worship.


In fact, with almost no exceptions,

wherever in the U.K. your project

may be UltraLight roof glazing

systems just work… beautifully.

UltraLight Max Dome with Decorative Metalwork

No wonder that this system has been successfully chosen for some of Europe’s truly impressive

sporting venues where innovtive and durable building design is of paramount conern.

However the good news doesn’t just end there, because with UltraLight Max not only can you make some significant reductions to your overall project costs…

(not unwelcome when budgets are particularly tight), you can easily overcome many height issues when getting planning approval is becoming a bit of a headache.


This is because with its optional, totally clear, flat sheet, curved, double glazing (the closest look to actual glass… but infinitely more affordable), a low-rise UltraLight Max, multifaceted ‘dome’ can also be an ideal and very cost effective alternative to installing a feature glass ‘cone’.


There’s no loss of natural light and it can be every bit as eye-catching... or perhaps even more so!

UltraLight Max Glazing Bar Section

Section of a typical UltraLight Max Rooflight

Large UltraLight Max Dome (Interior)

Furthermore and regardless of size, with an UltraLight Max multifaceted polycarbonate dome, be it twenty-two sided (as shown) or just eight, with the

right architectural detailing, it's still possible to achieve the crisp clean lines of

a circular light well.

Once it has been correctly installed, a multi-faceted UltraLight Max dome featuring its curved, polyester powder coated glazing bars (which are available in a host of colours) and a choice of fully U.V. stabilised polycarbonate glazing options, will not only look fantastic when viewed from either indoors or outdoors, it will almost certainly achieve a serious cost saving over more traditional and highly specialised, but sadly, frequently ‘eye-wateringly’ expensive curved glass designs.


But please, don't just take our word for it. At Mercuri Architectural we are always happy to give you a budget price with no charge and no hassle.

For more details, please email us with your size requirements at sales@mercuriglazing.co.uk or better still, call us on 01253 827633

Tried and trusted, as the name of this modular glazing system indicates, Kwik-Glaze is one of the quickest and easiest to install, secure polycarbonate glazing solutions available in the U.K. today!


The secret to its comparative speed of installation lies in its very cleverly designed, fully interlocking glazing bars that instantly and 'automatically' form both the final finished top and bottom sections of the glazing bars as you steadily continue to install your rooflight in virtually no time at all.


Thanks to Kwik-Glaze’s fully concealed fixings and our ability to deliver

to site some fairly large but easy to handle, custom sized, and fully

pre–glazed, modular polycarbonate panels, all complete with their glazing

bars already attached, we believe that you will be pleasantly surprised

at how comparatively little time it can take to install long runs of Monopitch

rooflights onto pre-prepared builder’s kerbs.


It really could not be much simpler.


Essentially it’s just a question of following a few simple installation

procedures and then repeating them for each modular panel until

the rooflight is completely and correctly installed.


1. Position and securely screw down the starter panel through the

    special fixing channels.


2. Insert the long flat flange of the next panel into the long aperture of

    the previous (fixed) panel (as shown in Step 2)

Although Kwik-Glaze is frequently installed as a very cost effective replacement for tired runs of  broken or leaking patent glazing, it can also be very effective for more complex rooflight designs, such as this pyramid.

Kwik-Glaze Pyramid

However, where Kwik-Glaze can really come into its own is where there is

not only a requirement to let in natural daylight but also when, for whatever reason, there has to be a minimum of disruption and a strong need to have the building ‘dry’, secure and finished within a very tight time frame, for example

a school refurbishment.


Furthermore, if there is also an additional requirement for the rooflight to be non-

fragile, we also offer a version of Kwik-Glaze, which not only can meet this practical safety requirement, it can also span slightly longer lengths and cope with slightly bigger glazing bar centres. It's called Kwik-Safe.


Only available glazed with 25mm multiwall polycarbonate, Kwik-Safe incorporates a number of stainless steel rods within its glazing and following extensive testing by BRE, it has achieved Class B classification for non-fragility.


For more details about Kwik-Glaze and Kwik-Safe please call us or alternatively

send an email to sales@mercuriglazing.co.uk

Kwik-Glaze. Step 2
Kwik-Glaze. Step 3

Step 2

Step 3

Note the fixing channel

Panels interlocked

Can Comply With Parts

L1 and L2 of the

Building Regulations

 N.B. For the sake of improved clarity the fixing screws have been omitted.

3. Carefully lower this panel down. As you do so, you will interlock both

    panels and also conceal all the fixings on one side of the starter panel.

    (as shown in Step 3)


4. Again within its special fixing channel, securely screw down this second



5. Now, just continue to repeat these actions until you have covered the

    whole area that is to be glazed.


6. Fit and secure on both sides the special end panel (easily identifiable by

the absence of an interlocking flange).


7. Finally, install all the aluminium, polyester powder coated flashings.









  Although Kwik-Glaze is not designed to be curved like UltraLight, it is

  nevertheless quite adaptable and can be successfully installed from

  very low pitches (say 5º) right up to vertical.


  The multiwall polycarbonate glazing is available as either 16 or 25mm and

  the system can self span up to TWO metres (or much more if intermediate

  support can be provided).


  In keeping with Mercuri’s policy of offering our clients as much choice as

  possible, the custom modular panels can be made to suit any centres

  (up to a maximum of 1015mm), the glazing

  comes in a choice of three colours…

  clear, bronze or opal, whilst the glazing bars

  can be polyester powder coated to the

  standard RAL colour of your choice!

Colour Chart




Completing our extensive range of large area polycarbonate rooflights is Poly-Light... a no-frills, low cost, all polycarbonate barrel vault.

Only available without ventilation and restricted to a number of

set widths ranging from 600mm right up to 2400mm, Poly-Light

completely does away with the need for aluminium glazing bars.

Instead it comprises of 1000mm modular polycarbonate sections

which neatly interlock with one another. These budget,

barrel vault-style rooflights also incorporate two custom sized

dome end sections, which means that virtually any length of

rooflight can be quickly thermoformed and delivered to site.

Poly-Light Barrel Vault

For further information about any of our large area, polycarbonate rooflights... or simply to discuss in

the strictest confidence and without any obligation whatsoever the roof glazing you need on your next project...


simply Telephone. 01253 827633

UltraLight Replacement,

Ventilated Northlights

Kwik-Glaze... Interlocking Modular Multiwall Polycarbonate Glazing System

Please note that all the images within this webpage have been carefully selected to demonstrate to their fullest extent, the specific design features, scope and practical and technical capabilities of the different glazing systems which now form the basis of our 2020 range of rooflights, canopies and other glazed structures. Consequently, it should not be assumed that all of the projects shown are Mercuri Architectural contracts.


They are, however, photographs of profiles and other materials which have been successfully installed for many years throughout much of Europe and which now form the basis of our 2020 portfolio of rooflights and other glazing solutions.

UltraLight Max Triangular

Polycarbonate Continuous Rooflight

UltraLight Max Extra Large Dome

An UltraLight Max Polycarbonate Dome

with an outstanding 22 metre diameter

UltraLight Gallery Background

A Twenty-Two Sided UltraLight Max

Polycarbonate Dome over a

Circular Roofwell


Far more cost effective

than curved glass.

Kwik-Glaze Diagram Background

A Kwik-Glaze Custom Sized Pyramid

Modular Barrel Vaults, featuring roll lock joints

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Kwik-Glaze Replacement Ventilated Northlights