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Sometimes... it simply has to be bespoke

As can be seen from our quick reference product selector, in all ten of our current product ranges, we are able to offer, in varying degrees, some level of custom designed rooflights and architectural glazing.


For example TopLite domes can be made to any size up to the maximum of 2400mm in either the length or the

width, whilst Poly-Light, an inexpensive barrel light

roof glazing system, can be made to any length at all, though the width has to be kept to one of nine pre-set dimensions.


For more details please call 01253 827633


On the other hand, there is virtually no limit to the coverage capabilities of our UltraLight ranges... in fact, UltraLight Max has already been used to successfully construct a huge, free spanning polycarbonate dome with

a 'diameter' of over 20 metres!

This double curved 16mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Barrel

Rooflight is 3700mm wide and clearly demonstrates the

brilliant flexibility of the UltraLight Max Glazing System.

Throughout this webpage we have tried to clearly

demonstrate how between them, the ten very different

rooflight and glazing systems we now offer, can solve

virtually any rooflight or roof, wall or floor glazing problem.


We say just about because there are four distinct styles of

roof glazing solutions that we do not currently sell.


For different reasons, we have chosen not to get involved with Sky Tunnels (with an attached reflective tube) and

Transparent Fabric Roof Glazing (as seen over the

Centre Court at Wimbledon). Nor do we sell 'Scandinavian'

type timber frame windows or 'corrugated' G.R.P. rooflights

(generally made for inclusion in the roofs of industrial and

horticultural buildings), as both of these styles can easily be found in a wide variety of builders merchants and other outlets, throughout much of the U.K.

Custom Design (Background)
Custom Designed, Continuous, Cantilevered, Glass Canopies.

To complete this custom designed WeatherShield Glass

‘Cantilevered’ Canopy, each pane of glass had to be

carefully cut to size to suit the precisely positioned aluminium Structural Glazing Bars, which as per the architect’s

instructions, could not be at equidistant centres.

Nevertheless, here at Mercuri Architectural, we totally appreciate that for certain projects merely having an

almost limitless choice of size, materials and colour is simply

never going to be sufficient to solve particular

'one-off' and very specific roof glazing issues.


That is why, in conjunction with our select panel of manufacturing partners, we also happily welcome the

more challenging type of projects that need that

‘little extra something’ to make the project properly ‘finished’. To that end, we always try to work on the premise of “if it can be drawn, then it can be safely designed, built and installed” and if for whatever reason it technically or physically can’t be (without the use of sky hooks), we will explain why and if appropriate, suggest possible alternatives.


So, if you have not seen anything that comes even

close to what you need for your project on the previous pages of this website and think that to solve a specific

problem, your project, home or building could well

require something totally original, then why not drop us

an email to ideally attaching

a drawing or two of what you are hoping to achieve.

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UltraLight Max, Custom Designed Rooflight, Paris.

Double Glazed with high performance glass, this highly individual UltraLight Max rooflight provides excellent thermal insulation and ventilation and of course... superb Natural Light.

PRISM, Triangular Glass Rooflight.
UltraLight, Custom Design, 'Star' Rooflight (Internal)

Whatever the rooflight shape or size Has To Be, with ten different ranges to work with, Mercuri‘s design and technical teams are

ready to take on almost any challenge.

If you have architectural drawings you can attach, so much

the better, but if not, don’t worry... your drawings do not

have to be of AutoCAD quality for just an initial enquiry; a simple sketch or two can often be sufficient to get the ball

rolling, but please remember to include clear and relevant

basic dimensions including length, width and any height

restrictions that may be important. Also, if it’s to be

installed out of doors, we like to know just how high up from the ground the glazed structure needs to be once it's

installed and of course whether it’s going to be installed in a flat or pitched roof, or an indoor floor or terrace. It is also

good to know, as soon as possible, if you have a preference

of glazing (glass or polycarbonate) and whether or not the

glass has to be walked on.


In addition, it’s always useful to have your best contact

number as well (you’d be surprised at the number of emails we receive where that pretty important piece of information has been accidentally missed off).

UltraLight, Custom Designed, Glass Roof Access Rooflight
Ventilated, Continuous Victoriana Roof Window.
Man at Computer

From this basic information our design team can usually

then get straight to work.


First of all, serious consideration will be given as to which

of our ten different rooflight and architectural glazing

systems will be the best starting point from which to custom

design something specific for your project; a design that

will incorporate all the major key points you have

specifically advised us that are going to be required,

or information that we have been able to glean from

your email or telephone call.


We will then, most likely, send you any relevant standard

detail drawings of the glazing system we propose to use

and perhaps, if they are relevant, one or two photographs

of the closest designed structure which we have previously

installed, together with a basic budget price for your

project. At this point we may even, depending on the

scope of the project, prepare special project drawings,

although that would be totally at our discretion.

Next, we will discuss our initial proposals with you and

if necessary amend and re-cost them (for as many times as

it takes) until between us, we arrive at the optimum design

of glazed roof, floor or wall structure for your specific project.

Of course there is no set time for all of this to happen,

as we are well aware that on development schemes,

especially larger ones, important issues can and do take a

certain amount of time, sometimes a considerably long

time, before they eventually come to fruition. But that, to

one degree or another, is all part of the normal process

of specification and construction. That being said, if you

are working to a particularly tight deadline, we will, of

course, do everything possible to work to the exact same

time frame.

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Kwik-Glaze, Custom Designed, Rooflight.

However, at some point inevitably a decision will have to

be reached, namely "do you want Mercuri to provide your

new rooflight, roof, floor or wall glazing"?


So it might be good to know that whilst we are always happy to provide help and guidance to the very best of our ability and also

that, from time to time, we will give you a call just to track

the progress of any project we are working on (after all, to

not do so would be completely unprofessional). However, it is

our long standing company policy and firm practice to never

try to ‘hassle’ any of our clients or potential customers in to placing an order with us.


Our attitude is and will remain, if you do want to specify us

or invite us to work with you, then that’s just great.


If not, then it’s very much the case of “perhaps you will give us another chance to be of assistance, the next time you or a colleague are in need of some rooflights or architectural glazing”?

Custom Designed, WeatherShield, Polycarbonate Canopy.

A Pinnacle Of Custom Design

However, not all our custom designed rooflights have to

be of a particularly ‘grand nature’, as this very originally profiled yet fairly compact UltraLight rooflight so neatly


Being custom designed and fabricated, even with Victoriana (our steel framed, glass conservation styled range), not only can your roof window be as long as you want, it is also perfectly possible to include as much or as little ventilation as you need.

Whether contemporary or traditionally styled, you can be

totally confident that your roof or façade glazing and of course, new eye-catching Glass Floor, has been carefully designed with the aid of AutoCAD and for millimetre precision, manufactured with a combination of computer controlled machinery and traditional manufacturing skills.

Usually supplied with made to measure, rectangular, interlocking  and factory finished, 16 Or 25mm Multiwall Polycarbonate glazing panels, to make the design of this

Kwik-Glaze Rooflight work properly, special Trapezoidal Panels had to be manufactured.

Simple yet eye-catching, Polycarbonate, Aluminium and

Steel all harmoniously come together to create a

contemporary custom designed WeatherShield

Entrance Canopy.

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"Just Letting The Sun Shine In"

Impeccable tailoring from Savile Row, the last word in limousines from Rolls Royce, beautifully personalised shirts from Turnbull and Asser and handcrafted sporting shotguns from James Purdey.


Apart from being the epitome of superb British craftsmanship and quality (truly some of the very best of Britain) and being companies that have very successfully been supplying their customers for literally centuries, so that consequently, they now also enjoy the prestige of having the patronage of some very, very special clientele, these world famous companies also have something else in common… they all offer their clients completely custom designed goods.


Now, whilst we totally appreciate and fully accept that our company will, most likely, never achieve the worldwide status and highest accolades for unbeatable quality that these and many other top echelons of commerce have attained, it is fair to say that nowadays

and in all walks of life, there is more and more demand for one-off, custom built goods and services... and in the fields of architecture and construction, roof glazing is a good case in point.

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UltraLight Max Custom Designed,  Barrel Vault and Rooflights