Canopies and Covered Walkways


Come Rain, Sleet or Snow…

We’ve Got You Covered

WeatherShield... Custom Designed Canopies

Quite often (but not always) installed onto a purpose designed

zinc coated steel framework complete with free standing columns

and based on the same tried and trusted aluminium profiles that we already use for our UltraLight and UltraLight Max roof glazing systems,

for some time now we have also been successfully installing polycarbonate or glass canopies and covered walkways of all

shapes and sizes.


With either curved or pitched glazing, just providing a straight run of

cover or wet weather protection that needs to follow an angled or

interconnecting pathway, at Mercuri Architectural we are confident

that we will come up with the right solution for both your project concept and of course, your budget.

WeatherShield Polycarbonate, Monopitched Canopy
WeatherShield, Custom Made, Glass Canopies, Shopping Centre, Scotland.

Or perhaps you need to provide weather protection over a set of steps

or even a moving walkway?


Alternarively, do you have a project that requires something with an

eye catching, yet highly practical feature... such as a visually stunning,

glazed skywalk.


Then again, perhaps the practical considerations of your project

demand even greater protection from the worst of what the U.K.

climate can and unfortunately does quite often throw at us, which

might mean that instead of a canopy (which are also available with

partially glazed walls and gable ends), what is really needed is a fully

covered walkway.

Weathershield, Custom Designed, Covered Walkway (Internal)
WeatherShield, Fire Resistant, Barrel Vault Canopies.

A wealth of experience, imaginative yet practical, AutoCAD assisted

design and precision engineering combine rogether ro produce a

shelter that will last for many a long year and of course, totally in

keeping with our company policy of offering all of our clients the

widest possible choice we can, the glazing bars and

other metalwork of your WeatherShield Canopy or

Covered Walkway can, if you wish, be polyester

powder coated in a vast array of RAL colours


For more details about our canopies and covered walkways, just call

01253 827633

Weathershield, Custom Designed, Moving Walkway Cover (Internal)
WeatherShield, Glazed Skywalk.

Of course, we fully realise that not every project is going to need a canopy on such a large scale; a canopy that is

individually designed to protect multiple members of your staff or your customers at the same time.


Therefore within the WeatherShield product range we also offer... Solus Canopies which are specifically designed on an altogether smaller scale to provide shelter over just one doorway.


Solus canopies can be glazed with either glass or polycarbonate, they can be wall mounted or free standing and

manufactured in a variety of styles. Here are just a few examples, but if you have something specific in mind… then

please send an email to with a sketch your idea and an indication of what size it needs to be.

Solus, Dual Monopitch, Canopy
Solus, Polycarbonate, School Canopy
Solus, Custom Designed, Minimalist Wall Canopy
Solus, Monopitch Self Supported Glass and Steel Canopy
Colour Swatch
Solus, Monopitch, Self Supporting, Small Glass Canopy

A custom designed WeatherShield Polycarbonate

and Steel Monopitched Canopy.

Custom Designed WeatherShield Glass Canopies

installed as part of a major shopping centre refurbishment.

A WeatherShield, Fire Resistant, Five Metre

Linked Barrel Vault Canopy

Another problem solved using WeatherShield:

A purpose-designed Polycarbonate Travelator Cover.

An eye-catching 3500mm wide Skywalk featuring WeatherShield Glazing Bars and U.V. Protected

Polycarbonate Double Glazed Panels.

Custom Designed, Weathershield Covered Walkway

Staircases: allowing for changes in both direction and elevation while providing maximum protection to this staircase from the worst of the U.K. climate, a custom designed WeatherShield Covered Walkway covers it all.

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WeatherShield Glass Canopy, Tesco, Bexhill, (Monochrome)

Background Photo:-

Ravenside Retail Park, Bexhill

A WeatherShield purpose-designed Covered Link Walkway...

Ideal for either schools or hospitals.

WeatherShield Polycarbonate, Barrel Vaulted Walkway.