Gradually, Life’s Getting Back To Normal

On Monday, after almost two months of living under lockdown, England saw a major advancement in the return to something like normal life, as all shops, hairdressers and beer gardens (plus lots of other types of businesses) throughout the land were once again able to open their doors to their delighted and eager customers. Whilst this was perhaps somewhat difficult to witness for some of those living in other parts of the U.K., who are, to differing degrees, still being restricted by their individual governments’ independent decisions, at least they can now realistically look forward to their freedoms gradually improving over the coming weeks; as indeed can we who live in England because there is still a long way to go, before all the covid regulations are finally and safely rescinded and we are all once again free to meet as many others as we want to, safely travel freely and widely or just dine out in perfect comfort.


However, providing that we all continue to do all it takes to keep COVID-19 under control, in another month or so we should then be able to once again not only visit our friends and loved ones’ homes but perhaps also give them a long-overdue hug, or alternatively, book an indoor table at a favourite little bistro to enjoy a delicious, celebratory lunch. Alternatively, come one rainy evening, you may just decide to pop down to the local pub and drink in that the much-missed ambience and camaraderie before sinking that first, perfectly kept pint of real ale! Of course, however we choose to mark the next stage in the road to end of lockdown, it will be with the assuring knowledge that the vaccinations that millions of us have already had (and will continue to have), have only been made possible by the amazing efforts of a group of very clever and determined scientists who managed to create these vaccines in an incredibly quick time, plus the combined efforts of the totally dedicated and hard-working, nationwide team of nurses, administrators and other helpers who, between them, have arranged and inoculated so many of us so quickly and to such notable effect.


To all of these people, we would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you.


Although our company is linked to the construction industry and therefore has been legally allowed to remain open for business throughout the worst months of the pandemic, as a quintessentially family business, we can fully appreciate that, despite the government’s various and well-intentioned financial support schemes during the past few weeks, some very well-known and long-established businesses have, sadly, still been allowed to ‘go to the wall’. In some cases, this appears to have been the result of primarily looking at finding ways to ‘save the brand’ rather than concentrating on saving as many jobs as possible, which will mean that many of our high streets are going to be looking vastly different for quite some time to come. Even worse, just to add insult to injury, sadly we believe that in this regard, the problem is only likely to continue, as more and more businesses, large and small, green light plans to close down even more local shop, office and bank branches as they become ‘surplus to requirements’. Instead of merely creating more customer-facing staff redundancies and the financial misery, stress and worry that comes with them, couldn’t another, less damaging way be found to balance the books?


Therefore, to all those people who have already been affected (or are soon to be) in this way, we sincerely hope that you will find and secure new and more rewarding challenges, as soon as possible.


And to anyone reading this update whose life has already been even further devastated by this terrible coronavirus and is perhaps now having to try to come to terms with the tragic loss of a loved one, friend or colleague, may we offer you our sincere condolences and our hope that, in the fullness of time, you will, once again begin to find a little more light in your life.


However, as they say (whoever they are), life must go on, and perhaps the best way we can make that happen is to continue doing for as long as possible and to the best of our abilities, whatever it is that we do best… and for us that means advising homeowners, architects and builders on the best and most cost effective way to bring natural light into their building, be it a house, office block, school, hospital, or gastro-pub. In fact, just about anywhere that will benefit from having additional ‘free’ light or the provision of more shelter.


Therefore, if you currently have a project that you think we may be able to help you with, then please just ring the number shown above and we will be delighted to assist you in any way that we can.


In the meantime, can we once again ask you please, whenever possible, try to remember and act on the latest government advice, which is currrently:-

Thank you.

April 2021.